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During August the Choir are taking their summer break

There will still be a Sung Mass every Sunday, with a congregational service setting and an additional hymn.

Evening Payer will be said at 6.30pm

The Hymns to be used at the 10:30am Sunday service are as follows:

DATE /  DAY Hymn First Line Number Notes 
August 6th                        Transfiguration Introit O worship the King 101  
Gradual  Tis good Lord to be here 318  
Offertory  My God how wonderful thou art 102  
Communion Be still for the Presence of the Lord Sheet  
Post-Communion    Light's abode, celestial Salem 185 omit * verses
August 13th                        Trinity 9 Introit O Lord of Heaven and eath and sea 287 omit * verses
Gradual  Dear Lord and Father of Mankind 115  
Offertory  Lord of all power I give you my will 395  
Communion Bread of heaven on thee we feed 271  
Post-Communion    Christ for the world we sing 344 Tune "Moscow"  AMNS 180
 August 20th                        Trinity 10 Introit Praise my soul the King of Heaven 192  
Gradual  Lord I have made thy Word my choice 490  
Offertory  And now O Father mindful of the love 260  
Communion Dearest Jesus we are here 269  
Post-Communion    Praise to the Holiest 117  
August 27th                        Trinity 11 Introit God is here as we his people 464  
Gradual  Word of the Father; source of all things living Sheet Tune: EH 288 
Offertory  How shall I sing the Majesty 472  
Communion Strengthen for service 421  
Post-Communion    Lord Jesus Christ, you have come to us 391  

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