Thanks to the vision and generosity of our founders, we are blessed with a fine and splendidly-decorated organ, originally built by William Hill and Sons in 1887. The core of this instrument and its magnificent Transept case survive in the current instrument. Hill undertook a significant expansion between 1899 and 1901 which saw the creation of the Chancel case incorporating front pipes transferred from Worcester Cathedral - this is now the Choir division. Two major rebuilds took place in the 20th century. Full details of the organ's history can be found in the National Pipe Organ Register [] (search for address on 'Pittville'). Despite more than a century of maintenance and several alterations the original instrument's beautiful tones are still very much in evidence. You can hear the organ not only in services but also in recitals from time to time throughout the year.


Visiting organists and groups are welcome to use the organ by prior arrangement. We would be delighted to help teachers and pupils who want to arrange to use the instrument for regular teaching or practice, and to provide opportunities for young organ students to join in our music programme or for young pianists of Grade 5 standard or above to try their hand at converting to the organ. Please contact the Director of Music at

The organ in All Saints’ was built by the famous London firm of Hill and Sons in 1887. It has been modified and enlarged in 1899, 1901, 1952 and 1994 with some work carried out to the Solo department in 2006/7 repairing water damage.

Current specification:

Great                                                 Swell

Double Diapason           16               Bourdon                        16

Open Diapason              8                 Open Diapason              8

Hohl Flute                      8                 Hohl Flute                      8

Octave                           4                 Viole di Gambe              8

Wald Flute                     4                 Voix Celeste (TC)          8

Twelfth                          2 2/3           Principal                        4

Fifteenth                        2                 Stopped Flute                4

Mixture                          III                Fifteenth                        2

Posaune                         8                 Mixture                          III                                                                        
                                                          Double Trumpet            16                                                             

                                                          Horn                              8

                                                          Oboe                              8

                                                          Vox Humana                 8

                                                          Clarion                           4



Choir                                                Solo (enclosed)

Double Dulciana            16               Rohr Gedackt                8

Gemshorn                      8                 Gamba                           8

Lieblich Gedackt            8                 Viole Celeste                  8

Dulciana                        8                 Suabe Flute                    4

Gemshorn                      4                 Piccolo                           2

Gedeckt                          4                 Crumhorn                      8

Twelfth                          2 2/3           Clarinet (from Bb)                   8

Flageolet                        2                 Orchestral Oboe             8

                                                          Tuba                              8

                                                          Posaune (Gt)                  8




Double Diapason           32               Cello                              8

Open Diapason (wood) 16               Bass Flute                      8

Violone (wood)              16               Dulciana                        4

Bourdon                        16               Trombone (wood)                   16

Dulciana (Ch)                16               Posaune (Gt)                  8

Quint                             10 2/3

Octave Wood                 8


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