Most services are sung by the All Saints' Choir, a friendly and committed group of volunteers. The All Saints' Choristers are young people from age 7 upwards who sing with the adults every Sunday morning, attending Sunday Club for their own special teaching.

All Saints' Choir maintains high musical standard and sings a lot of music on relatively limited rehearsal time, Our members need to be consistently able to attend practices, and to have either good sight-reading skills or reasonable music-reading skills and previous knowledge of some of the church repertoire. We are very supportive in helping new members to come up to speed with our music, and are always interested in hearing from singers who want to give us a try.

 With such a firm commitment to church music, we place a strong emphasis on introducing children to singing and building them up into talented musicians. Children from the age of 7 upwards are welcome to join the All Saints' Choristers, who  'graduate' into the adult choir as boys' voices break and girls' voices mature. All Saints' Choristers rehearse every Friday evening from 7.00pm, staying on to sing with the adults from 7.30 to 8pm.

The adults of the choir recently went to Hereford Cathedral to sing Evensong, where the Dean was heard to remark, "They're very good, aren't they?"

For all inquiries, contact our Director of Music.

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